About us

A Unique business model

S.J.P Waste Recycling To Green Energy Ltd is a very innovative business that see's the larger environmental issues concerning our future. We implement efficient and effective waste management infrastructures to create a more practical sustainable solution tailored to meet our customers requirements and we always deliver above & beyond their expectations.
S.J.P utilise the latest waste to energy technologies globally to process MSW, Agricultural, Food and many other waste streams. All recyclables are recovered through an automated MRF & then the residual Bio-mass is processed in a unique waste to energy system and converted into sustainable green energy such as:
Bio-ethanol for additives in Fuel & Power Generation.
Bio-gas to produce Electricity.

We can also implement technology to process ELP (End of Life Plastics) to produce Diesel & Crude Oil.

A unique business engaged in developing long term added value to business solutions for our customers.

Existing Joint venture business

Plans in place to build 5 waste to energy sites throughout the UK, converting Black Bag / General Waste into Bio-ethanol. The first waste to energy plant to be built in Grimsby.

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Continually Applying Latest Technology to Deliver Greater Added Value to our Customers

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